What We Do

Childhood is an amazing time when God gives us the opportunity to learn about the world through brand new experiences and play. We strive to make every day at Kids 4 Jesus full of fun and formative experiences for your child.

We learn and grow together.

At Kids 4 Jesus, kids are grouped into age-specific classrooms with daily schedules that include a mix of age-appropriate developmental activities and plenty of playtime. Whether its tummy-time or snuggle time in our infants class, learning to use a fork and cup in young toddlers, or practicing letters and numbers in pre-K, each class helps kids develop skills for their future.

We eat well (yum!)

Good food and full tummies make happy kids. That’s why our in-house chef cooks breakfast, lunch and snack from scratch every day using real, fresh ingredients. Kids love the variety, fresh fruits (and veggies) and family atmosphere of eating together. Check out a sample monthly menu here.

We soak up the outdoors.

Kids love getting out in nature – it’s God’s creation after all! We are blessed to have 2 large playground areas, plus acres and acres of greenspace that allow kids to run and play outdoors as long as the weather cooperates.

We build routines.

We know that consistency helps kids thrive. Each of our dedicated teachers build consistent schedules to help ensure naps, snacks and potty breaks are predictable from day-to-day.

We develop our love for Jesus.

We keep Christ at the center of our curriculum through regular Bible time activities, prayer before meals and even sing-a-longs. But the most important way we teach kids about Jesus is by demonstrating Christ’s love for them through our actions.

But wait, there’s more!

Field trips. Christmas programs. Popsicles on a random Tuesday afternoon. We’re always finding fun ways to help kids connect, learn and grow.