Classes, hours, and rates

At Kids 4 Jesus we are lucky to have great spaces for all ages of kids from 6 weeks to school-age. Spread between numerous classrooms, plus a cafeteria and large outdoor space, kids get a chance to have plenty of room to learn and grow.

Our Classes

ClassAgesPlans & Activities
Infants 16 weeks – 6 monthsOur youngest K4J-ers spend their days getting snuggled, practicing tummy time, and getting accustomed to being away from parents during the day.
Infants 26 months – 12 monthsAs babies grow and develop, we take a parent-led approach to introducing solids, setting nap schedules and working on gross motor skills, like sitting and pulling up and maybe even walking (!)
Infants 312 months – 18 monthsAs babies take huge developmental leaps at 1 year, we help support them through more free-play activities and toys, plus the introduction Bible time with Miss Lori.
Toddlers 118 months – 2 yearsToddlers are busy! Our Toddler 1 class can usually be found playing with friends, working on new craft projects and practicing good manners in circle time.
Toddlers 22 years – 3 yearsAs kids grow in their independence, we keep providing new experiences and activities to keep them engaged and learning. Favorite activities in this class include outside play time and frequent dance parties.
Preschool3 years – 4 yearsBy Preschool, many of our students and families have developed great friendships. We help nurture these relationships while also starting on more Kindergarten readiness activities like ABCs and counting.
Pre-K4 years – 5 yearsIn our Pre-K class, kids work on developing social, emotional and academic skills that will help them soar in Kindergarten. Highlights of Pre-K include holiday programs and Preschool graduation in the spring.
School Age5 years+During the school year we provide before and after-school care for elementary students through age 12. We also offer full-day, fun-packed summer program for families that need support during summer break.

Hours and rates

Daily hours: Monday - Friday from 6:30am to 6pm.
(Due to on-going Covid limitations, we have temporarily reduced our hours to 7am-5pm)

Current Weekly Rates (effective August 1, 2021):
 Infants (full-time) // $225
 Toddlers (full-time) // $210
 Preschool (full-time) // $195

Preschool Only (4 days) // $65
 Preschool Only (5 days) // $75

Part-Time Care (3 days or less)
 Toddlers (part-time) // $150
 Preschool (part-time) // $140

School Age Before & After School
 (3 days or less) // $55
 (4 or 5 days) // $85