Many Volunteers Made Light Work!

Thank you to everyone who willingly volunteered your time and energy to make the July 30 Feast the successful day it was!  We thank God first of all for the beautiful weather and for the many guests who came–we appreciate meeting new friends, you are the reason for The Feast celebrations!
Thank you:
  • Pastors and Worship Team for a blessed worship and music time outdoors, to Ashley Chesnut for her very touching solo
  • Care and Hospitality Teams who helped plan and serve that day
  • Building and Grounds Team for setting up tents, tables and chairs
  • Grilling chefs who cooked burgers and hotdogs–a special thank you to Jim and Leah Bothmer for your amazing donation of Omaha Steak burgers AND to all who donated the many delicious side dishes!
  • Adult and Children Ministry Teams for the fun games for all ages!
  • And for everyone who kindly stepped in and helped set up and clean up.
It was a wonderful day and will be etched in memory as a perfect summer CCC event!

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